Terence’s work focuses on grasping a moment in time, in its most organic state; finding that perfect moment in that perfect light. He crafts his pictures with a blend of light, composition and angle, with each click striving to reveal the subject’s story and its beauty.

Terence’s humour, engaging personality and attention to detail naturally bonds his subjects to him, deconstructing walls of initial animosity and forging bridges of trust; they know he always seeks to find the perfect picture of them.

With these unique qualities, it is no wonder that Terence is found at work behind the scenes of Asia’s Next Top Model, Asia’s Got Talent and working with brands like JBL, Sony and magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, to capture the untold stories, to unveil the unimagined perspective. 

He has the eye and true talent at capturing special and memorable moments. Terence was truly a pleasure to work with on the set of ASNTM.

Yu Tsai, Photographer/Director

It is always a pleasure to work with Terence on set because he gives me all the room to be creative as possible. 

Ang Geck Geck, Director/Filmmaker

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